Stenberg Family Foods catered our wedding and it was the best food I have ever tasted at a wedding. The location was a campsite with no infrastructure, and their team was able to overcome all hardship (heat, ants, no sinks, etc.) and serve an incredible meal for 180 guests. Guests still talk about the food from the wedding. They were on time, charming, professional and accommodating. But what I value most is their food. Chef Erik starts with high-quality, seasonal ingredients and showcases the flavors in a remarkable way. If I could, I would hire them to cater all my parties.
— Melissa Fontaine
It is rare to find such a perfect blend of easy calm and excellent cuisine that Chef Erik Stenberg provides. He is one of a kind. Erik has worked with us for almost 6 years, cooking for family meals of 5 and cooking for large sit-down dinners for 60 plus. His mastery of the kitchen and handling crises of all sorts leads me to recommend him without reservation. We would often change the dinner numbers at the last minute. “Five extra for dinner? No problem, Cath,” would be Erik’s standard reply and he would magically produce 3 or 4 course meals for all who came. And the meals were exquisite. He would make adjustment for individual dietary needs without a hiccup. If you are fortunate enough to work with Erik or Jessie, you will want to be around their wonderful energy as much as you will want to be around their fantastic food.
— Cath Webb
Some people live to eat, some people eat to live, and Jessie and Erik do both! These two feed themselves and their community in a way that respects the food, nourishes the soul, and brings people together.

Even though I have had the pleasure of sharing many tables with this couple over the years, I can still recall distinct meals and conversations from many of the meals. Their monthly Meet the Farmer Dinners in California reflected their commitment to the joy and magic of eating and meeting new people. While the twenty four guests each evening may have walked in strangers, we walked out as members of the same community after sharing one long table and breaking bread together. Erik’s inspired menus always centered around the specialties of one farmer’s or rancher’s bounty, and it was such a treat to hear those people talk about their passions first hand.
— Melissa Bishop