The ultimate goal of Stenberg Family Foods is to continue catering beautiful events in the community while expanding our capacity to produce the foods that we serve. 

Stenberg Family Foods is made of wife and husband team Jessie and Erik Stenberg.  We met over freshly culled turkeys while working together for Fairview Gardens, a farm in Goleta, California, and have spent the years since expanding our shared passion for food, in all its stages.  In 2013 our son Oliver, who is a 4th generation Stenberg in the Gorge, was born, adding a whole new dimension to the importance of nourishing ourselves well and knowing our sources.  In spring 2017 our daughter Noa was added to the table.

Erik, the chef and creative force behind Stenberg Family Foods, has been working in kitchens since his childhood in Hood River.  A long and winding road brought him through culinary school at Johnson and Wales University, across the Atlantic to many European kitchens, through various restaurants in the States and Hawaiian Islands, and eventually back to the Columbia River Gorge.  Before his return, he spent five years in Santa Barbara, CA, where he was able to take a break from restaurants and spend time in some really creative environments, working closely with farmers who produce some of the world's best produce, year round.  Erik's specialty is spontaneity, and in his best setting he walks through the garden or market, grabbing whatever jumps at him, and brings it home for a meal that seems to almost cook itself. 

Jessie, the coordinator and detail-oriented point of contact for Stenberg Family Foods, has as strong a background in event planning and logistics as she does in food preparation and fair food advocacy.  A transplant to the Columbia River Gorge, she finds herself finally in her natural habitat after being born and raised in Ventura County, CA.  In her years at University of California, Santa Barbara, and during many months of travel in between, she transformed from being one of the pickiest eaters she knew, barely able to scramble an egg, into having one of the most voracious appetites for new foods and for how they get from where they start to where they're consumed.  Jessie's specialty is keeping all the small things in line with the big picture.